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To the surprise of absolutely no-one I sorted into Hufflepuff after I got my welcome owl to Pottermore :D I am finding bits of it a bit hard to navigate but that's possibly because I'm on a laptop and so have a touch pad thing rather than a mouse. But on the whole I think it's really fun and I'm going to win lots of House Points if it kills me *goes off to brew more potions*

For those interested, this is the Hufflepuff prefect's welcome letter (for those not interested and/or who want to wait, I guess shut your eyes and run past the italicised bit):

Hufflepuff welcome letter )

In other news, it was Seth's birthday during the week of the big snow, so he had a bit of a fizzer of a birthday - we were supposed to get together with various family members for dinner that night but we were basically totally cut off.  Driving wasn't advisable even if we could have brought ourselves to try.  So, instead we took him down to the beach to take their boards down the sand dunes - now snow dunes :D  He had a great time but the other two hated every minute of it and were so miserable that they kind of ruined it for him.  But nevermind - he enjoyed the snow and got Doctor Who stuff for his birthday which he just adores.  And last weekend we took him to the Flying Burrito Brothers for dinner and he has decided it's the best place ever and wants to go back every week so that's a good thing I guess.

We have also had two very gorgeous days this week - a sure sign that spring is on its way.  The one street I watch to see blossom arrive and truly say spring is here hasn't done its thing yet, but there are enough signs that I already feel a lot better than I have in months.  It is odd to think that this time last year I was doing the same thing but that things were so different then.  It kind of hit me today that this is the last week when I can say 'a year ago things were still normal' after next weekend we click over to having lived with abnormality for over a year.  I went down to the Council's roadshow thing yesterday and they have a timeline for each of their proposed improvements and it was weird to see it and go 'oh, 2013? Yeah that's nice and soon' and then take a step back and say to myself, wait - that's over a year away.  By the time any of that happens we'll have been without a central city for two years and that's mind boggling.  To not be allowed into our own city for that long is inconceivable.  But anyway, the point of it was that spring is coming and that's a nice thing :)


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