Mar. 24th, 2013 06:22 pm
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So I have been a little MIA lately, because ... well, because life. You know.

Still, there has been a bit of fandom stuff in my life so I figured I may as well discuss it a bit. Get the old toes wet on LJ again, and all that.  First, and probably most fun & most scary is the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  Fun, because wheeeeee, we're getting close to the end. Only two episodes to go & the last few have been all filled with squee and fun and all.  Not to mention ties. Ties are good :)  Scary because an idea [ profile] lorelaisquared and I had to re-watch while reading along with P&P exploded & is now huge and scary and just plain daunting.  The result of that discussion is over here. Darceny is live for discussion, chat, squee & other similar fannish stuff.  The actual read along will begin in just over a week on Monday, April 1st.  I hope to see lots of familiar faces as we go through it all again :)

Also - I have been going through my WIPs on my hard drive, just because & there are several that might just be close-ish to being done.  I'm going to open it here to see which one (or ones) people would like to see done first.  They are:

1.  a new chapter of my old, very neglected Harry/Ginny epic detailing their post-Hogwarts life. (Harry Potter)
2.  a short one shot set after 'Angels Take Manhattan' as Brian finds out, then comes to grip with, the loss of Rory & Amy into the past. This is probably the closest to being finished.  (Doctor Who)
3.  beginning to post my NaNoWriMo from last year. Intended to be 50 short chapters focusing on Rory, it ended up (so far) being about twelve, but there is a plan for the rest.  (Doctor Who)
4.  my take on why 'I can't have more babies' would cause Amy & Rory to get their silly not-very-long divorce. Involves Kovarian & brainwashing.  (Doctor Who)
5.  the oldest - and least finished - set during 'Vampires of Venice'-ish time, an exploration of the cracks in the wall & the Torchwood rift as part of the same phenomena. Contains Eleven, Amy, Rory, Jack, River & Gwen. (Doctor Who, Torchwood)

Hmmm, that's very Doctor Who-centric.  Oh well :D  Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments.


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