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So, yes, like Central New Brighton, any merger won't take place for 3 years.  So, in the worst case scenario the two schools merge at the beginning of 2016.  We now have until December 7th this year to consult with the community and have a response to the proposal ready to be put forward to the ministry.  There's another date of April 5th when something else happens, but I didn't quite catch what the principal was saying when he talked about that.  Apparently there's an email coming out which will have all the dates and the full timeline.  The good news is that Seth at least will be finished primary school even if the worst happens but that's still not good enough for me :D  We're still going to fight the decision as it is anyway, but at least there's breathing space.  So, better than 28 days, but 10 weeks still isn't long.
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I saw this on the general 'save our schools' page on facebook today.  This is what Central New Brighton have heard, but we have had no more news from our principal as yet.  CNB is in our cluster, though, so hopefully we get a similar timeframe to respond.  I will keep things updated as they happen.

"We have received a letter of confirmation from the Ministry of Education that CNB will definitely remain open for the next 3 years.
We have entered into a formal consultation process now. If the merger takes place it will occur at the beginning of 2016.
This is great news for us....thank you for your support and PLEASE continue with your feedback."
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Two warnings - 1, this is loooooog. Like, really loooooog and 2, my 'n' key sticks and while I tried to catch them all I suspect I may have missed one or two of them.

Lengthy diatribe on local government problems in the city )
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But when you look at how Haiti is 2 years after their quake you realise that we aren't really doing all that badly.  It makes me grateful that we live in a country whose government, however much I may dislike the current one, does actually try to get things moving.  At the very least we don't have to live with (many) piles of rubble lying around in the streets and what is there is fenced off.  Yes it's frustrating and yes it's depressing and yes we do have issues that are really hard to live with, and broken roads and buildings etc, but ... it could be worse.

However, I don't want to minimise what some people here are going through, so this blog shows a walk someone took through the red zone close to where I live. The kids' school is tucked in behind and between all these streets mentioned here.  I know many many people who live in these streets and in those houses (well, most of them used to live in those houses), and it's hard to live with.  Edit: explored the blog a little more and found this one of the streets immediately by our school.
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Our course starts again next week.  I can't remember if I mentioned it before but we're apparently getting a new tutor, who is lovely but ... I really like the one we've had so far and would have liked consistency at least til the end of our first year. Oh well, can't change it - he's needed to run the new fourth year course which starts soon - and we'll hopefully at least see him again because he's a cool guy.  We're also not going to be able to do second year when we finish our first year - they aren't doing a mid year intake for second year in Christchurch this year :-( However, because they obviously feel bad about that they are encouraging us to do an 18 week flax weaving course they also run. It's a great opportunity to learn a new skill and to stay together as a group and also keep practising the language before we get to do our second year for real.  I've really missed it while we've been on holiday so I'm looking forward to going back even if it means the ten minute speech for the final assessment is looming closer.  That reminds me, I really should start researching the famous person I'm going to talk about.
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Because I'm stupid I went to see this movie on my one day off this week.  It was a daft choice.  I was over wrought, over tired and over emotional and found it extremely difficult to watch.  I'll try to be coherent, but I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly.  Please just bear with any weird jumps in thought :D Also, anyone likely to see it and not want to be spoiled (which ... uh, yeah the storyline is kind of obvious hehe) please to avert your eyes now.

Long ramblings about the movie under here. Enter at own risk )


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