rumpelsnorcack: (Rory/Amy hug animated)
2015-06-26 07:36 pm

A Who-ish Anniversary

So, a few days ago when I was wandering through some fanvids to get my head back into a Rory-fic space, I realised something.  I realised that the fifth anniversary of the end of S5 of Doctor Who (and, coincidentally, Amy and Rory’s fifth wedding anniversary) was today.  It got me all nostalgic.  I’m glad that first Eleven season aired in 2010.  I’m glad I fell for Eleven and his wonderful companions in 2010.  I’m glad I had a background of love to carry me through the next few years.  Because the next few years were pretty horrendous, and having this Team TARDIS along for the ride was a small light spot in all the dark.  S6 aired very soon after the major earthquake here and I’m sure that if that had been S5 I would not be the fan I am today – S6 was sometimes dark and depressing and difficult and it definitely made me think, and that was a perfect match for my mind set at the time.  S5 just wasn’t – and I’m not sure I would, or could, have fallen in love with it in the same way if it had been shown that year later during that stuff.  Did I love it?  No, not S6 – not then, anyway (though there are many, many episodes I really adore now).  But it worked for me, and I think it worked for me because I had S5 to carry me through.  I could go back and watch silly, flighty, funny Eleven and his fairytale companion and then tune in every week for the deeper, more serious stuff of S6.  The deeper, more serious stuff which seemed to reflect some of the horror we were going through where I lived.  It unsettled me in a good way during a time when I was unsettled in a very bad way.  However, without S5 that would never have been possible.  It would have been too dark.

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