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Title: To Warm The World
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 487
Pairings or Characters: Wilf, Donna
Summary: From the minute she was born, her red hair flashing out even as she took her first glance of her new world, this child had been the centre of his universe
Notes: Written for the [ profile] who_contest 'sun' challenge (my first one, yay!). Title taken from John Dunne's 'The Sun Rising'

All her life he’d called her his little sun.  From the minute she was born, her red hair flashing out even as she took her first glance of her new world, this child had been the centre of his universe; his little granddaughter.  And he had been her centre too.  Her mother, a magnetic force in herself, but one which repelled her daughter rather than attracting her, had driven her tiny sun into his orbit.  She had circled him, gaining her strength and vivacity from his steady presence.  He had circled her, too, gaining his warmth and love from her glowing heart.  Their tiny galaxy had been their all.

Then she had been pulled away by another, more powerful, force; this one’s magnetism pulled her swiftly and irrevocably towards him.  And she had grown.  Oh, how she had grown.  At first, he had resented the pull – been concerned that such an overwhelming force would dim her own sun.  But soon he had come to realise that she was so much more when she was with her new magnetic star.  Her sun had bloomed, expanded, supernovaed as she played with the galaxies.  The more she had danced out there, the more she had become until the fire she held was almost impossible to take in.  Her sun had flared into the pinnacle of its power.

But a sun which supernovas must burn out, and so had hers.  She had returned home.  Fragile, dimmed.  How ironic that he’d been afraid she would lose something essential by being with her new star, when the opposite had happened.  The latent fire in her had exploded and given life to countless worlds, but now he felt she had lost her fiery warmth just by returning to him as the sun she had always been.  How bizarre that she now seemed dimmer, a mere ember, when before she had seemed to be raging heat and fire.  No fire was left now, just a fading memory of the burning, joyous, giant star.

Now they circle each other again, slowly.  They learn, between them, to become each other’s centre once more.  This time, her mother joins them.  The three of them, sheltered together, bask in what remains of her flames.  The sun, once so bright, now burns softly.  No longer blazing, but warm once more.  Soft.  Cosy.  Comfortable.  The memory of her sparks remain, however, and with it a shadow of her former glow.  The two of them circle her, drawing her into their orbit again, giving her the place at the centre of their small universe, even as they mourn the loss of her place in the greater.

She will never know, but they will keep her supernova burning in their hearts.  The universe will keep turning, uncaring of the loss of one more bright star, but in their microcosm that star will be celebrated.

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