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So, yes, like Central New Brighton, any merger won't take place for 3 years.  So, in the worst case scenario the two schools merge at the beginning of 2016.  We now have until December 7th this year to consult with the community and have a response to the proposal ready to be put forward to the ministry.  There's another date of April 5th when something else happens, but I didn't quite catch what the principal was saying when he talked about that.  Apparently there's an email coming out which will have all the dates and the full timeline.  The good news is that Seth at least will be finished primary school even if the worst happens but that's still not good enough for me :D  We're still going to fight the decision as it is anyway, but at least there's breathing space.  So, better than 28 days, but 10 weeks still isn't long.
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I saw this on the general 'save our schools' page on facebook today.  This is what Central New Brighton have heard, but we have had no more news from our principal as yet.  CNB is in our cluster, though, so hopefully we get a similar timeframe to respond.  I will keep things updated as they happen.

"We have received a letter of confirmation from the Ministry of Education that CNB will definitely remain open for the next 3 years.
We have entered into a formal consultation process now. If the merger takes place it will occur at the beginning of 2016.
This is great news for us....thank you for your support and PLEASE continue with your feedback."

A Good Week

Aug. 1st, 2011 11:46 am
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I'm having a really good week this week.  Things are just all clicking into place and my life feels like it has meaning again.  

First, I have confirmation that my teaching registration has been updated and renewed so I can start looking around for work (relief work probably since schools are shedding students and thus teachers' jobs really fast at the moment).  Now that the smallest child is at school and settled in and I've enjoyed some child-free me time I feel ready to get back out there again and actually have the time to do it now which is great.

Second, I got an email from the electoral people asking those who worked in the 2008 election to apply to work again this year.  That's not guaranteed of course, but I should be able to get at least some work on the day unless I was dreadful last time (and I'm pretty sure I wasn't).  I'd ideally like to do some work pre and post election too; not so much for the money, though that is nice, but because it's fascinating to see how the behind the scenes stuff works.  A friend of mine did behind the scenes work last time and it was a lot of work but really interesting.

Third, I enrolled in a course at Te Wananga o Aoteraroa to do a Maori language course starting tomorrow night.  It's a full time course which lasts for 36 weeks.  Two of my friends are doing this already and they have really enjoyed it.  I have been watching a little enviously as they converse in Maori and understand each other so when they said the Wananga was taking mid year enrolments I jumped in there.  It'll be good for several reasons.  1. to be able to speak NZ's second language better, 2. it's essential now to use both Maori and English in the classroom while teaching so it will be helpful for that and 3. it's going to be fun.  From the sounds of it it's a very fun course to do.

Fourth, and most frivolously, I got into the Pottermore thing last night so after they send out my welcome letter I get to play around with the site before it officially opens in October.  Yay! I like playing around with new sites :)

Anyway, things are good this week and nothing quaky to mess any of that up (well a few little ones but they are so normal they don't count as 'things' anymore).  This is all good stuff :)


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