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4.35 am, Saturday September 4th 2010. It did something to everyone who was here – changed us all in some way. Everyone is different of course, no one shares the same degree or type of change as anyone else, but the fact that we have all been changed, tempered, influenced in some way by this event unites all of us. Those who were born and lived here all their lives, those who came here from elsewhere, those who have stayed, those who have now left, those who are just starting their lives and those who are nearing the end of it – we are all part of the same thing, the same process, the same overwhelming upheaval.

We made it through a year )

Kia Kaha Canterbury – we made it through one year, we can make it through the rest.
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This post is cross-posted over here and contains photos, which LJ didn't want to let me do for some reason. It will also one day probably contain a map once 7point1squared does her magic. Also, the last one over there is also proud owner of map and links.

Victoria Street and Greening the Rubble )
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This is my wee project to get out and about and find the things in the city that I just hadn't done before. I talked to Rachel from 7point1squared and we've decided to combine the two projects so I'm posting these posts on her blog as well. I'll label and tag them so people can skip them if they aren't interested and when I find someone lovely enough to help me I'll have a special icon for it too (edit: and there is it; isn't it pretty? thanks [ profile] tamswitter !).

Rediscovering Christchurch: An Introduction )


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